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How to detect delamination of brake pads using impact response testing

Contributed by: Jason Koval - Applications Engineer, Sciemetric
December 10, 2020
nvh test screens

Brake pads can be constructed of a variety of materials, which need to be securely bonded to a backing plate to function properly. Failure to ensure a proper bond between these materials can result in costly scrap and rework. In this blog post, Sciemetric's Jason Koval discusses how to detect delamination of brake pads using impact response testing.

Go beyond station checks to improve product quality and line efficiency: The value of process monitoring and data analytics

Contributed by: Shankar Krishnamurthy - General Manager, Sciemetric
November 30, 2020
Shankar, author, looking at data on the plant floor

When manufacturers consider the concept of quality control on their production lines, they often think that a quality check station is enough. But what happens when a part fails the test? This blog post discusses how to improve product quality and line efficiency by going beyond station checks.

Machine data versus part data: pros and cons | Manufacturing Data Series, Part 3

Contributed by: Rob Plumridge
October 6, 2020
Manufacturers looking at data

When we talk to manufacturers, sometimes we find that the difference between machine data and actual part production data has gone unnoticed. While both have their role to play, one is not a substitute for the other, as they don’t measure the same things. This blog post discusses the pros and cons of these different data systems to help you decide what's right for you.

How long should I store my manufacturing production data? | Manufacturing Data Series, Part 2

Contributed by: Rob Plumridge
September 29, 2020
image of data storage center

Manufacturers often ask us how much data they need to keep, what data they should archive, and for how long. In this blog post, Sciemetric's Rob Plumridge discusses the factors to consider to ensure your data is working for you as part of your short-term and long-term strategies.

What manufacturing data should I be collecting to improve part quality? | Manufacturing Data Series, Part 1

Contributed by: Rob Plumridge
September 22, 2020
engineer looking over factory floor

In this blog post, Sciemetric's Rob Plumbridge discusses what data you should be collecting on your production line, and what data is the most important to determine root cause when there is an issue with quality or throughput. Read the post to learn more.

The metric that could save you millions in manufacturing costs: The ROI of improving first time yield

Contributed by: Sciemetric Staff
August 13, 2020
Two men in discussion on production line floor

In this post, we discuss the ROI investing in the improvement of your FTY results—including a case study which describes how we helped one manufacturer achieve over 3 million dollars in savings in one year by improving their FTY, decreasing their scrap and rework costs.