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CTS gives manufacturers precision control for challenging leak tests

Sentinel 3520 rounds out the industry’s most comprehensive leak test portfolio

January 07, 2020 – Harrison, Ohio – Cincinnati Test Systems (, the expert in leak detection equipment, has added the Sentinel 3520 Series to its portfolio of leak and flow test instruments, providing manufacturers with the data-driven control they need for challenging test scenarios.

Previously available through Sciemetric as the 3520 Series, this product has proven itself over the past several years with automotive and off-highway OEMs and manufacturers of other industrial equipment.

Manufacturers often struggle to balance leak test accuracy, cycle time and Gage R when faced with large part volumes, variable volumes, parts with multiple cavities, and other complex requirements. The patented Sentinel 3520 Series delivers the precise balance of pressure control, flow range, and fill rate these scenarios require to deliver an accurate reading within the required cycle time.
This is achieved through a powerful combination of precision electronics and hardware, and by pairing the 3520 instrument with a sigPOD controller and its process signature verification (PSV) software.

“We are focused on providing the most complete leak test portfolio to our customers,” said CTS President Kevin Hansell. “The Sentinel 3520 is a perfect addition to a lineup that has the versatility, flexibility, and data-driven accuracy to tackle anything from the most stringent of micro-leak requirements to the largest and most complex part volumes. At CTS, we help manufacturers achieve a higher standard of quality and efficiency that resonates across the entire production line.”

Powerful performance driven by unique features: 

  • Fast Fill: Pneumatics separated from the controller and placed close to the part under test reduce hose and systems volume for ultra-fast fill rates, especially for large parts.
  • Enhanced Control: Greater precision to adjust for environmental factors, like temperature and air pressure.
  • Extreme Accuracy: Pressure control resolution down to ±0.000,01 psi. Flexible PSV software captures and visualizes thousands of data points.
  • Increased Insight: Digital process signatures give insight into every millisecond of each test cycle.
  • Vast Range: Test parts from 1 cc to 1 million cc in volume.

Additional analysis for continuous improvement of the leak test can be achieved by connecting one or more 3520 systems (and other CTS instruments) to the QualityWorX CTS DataHub. Leak test data can be further consolidated and analyzed with other production and plant data using Industry 4.0 data analytics platforms QualityWorX and Sciemetric Studio. 

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About CTS
Since 1981, Cincinnati Test Systems, Inc. (CTS) has delivered precision leak detection equipment, functional test systems, and assembly verification testing to manufacturers. Its Sentinel, TracerMate, and LPC products are used for pressure and vacuum decay leak testing, flow testing, and tracer gas testing in the medical device, automotive, consumer products, off-highway, oil and gas, and energy sectors. CTS is part of the TASI Group of Companies’ Product Integrity organization, along with Sciemetric and CTS-Schreiner. The Product Integrity organization provides Industry 4.0 leak test, data management, and analytics solutions that help manufacturers worldwide improve quality and productivity. CTS has sales and support offices in the U.S., Europe, India, China, and Korea.

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