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New two-channel in-process monitoring system: sigPOD 1302

Manufacturers don't have to settle for limited test capabilties because of limited budget

March 1, 2010 - Ottawa, Canada - Sciemetric Instruments Inc., whose technology has been used for more than 25 years by some of the world’s largest manufacturers to improve quality and their manufacturing processes, announces the addition of a low-cost two-channel process monitor, the sigPOD 1302, to its sigPOD family of process-monitoring tools.

The new sigPOD 1302 system comes loaded with templates for common test applications such as press, torque, noise, vibration, harshness, or NVH, along with software that can quickly and easily be configured to support virtually any monitoring application including weld, crimp, dispense, profiling, and functional testing.

The sigPOD is a robust and flexible platform designed for usability and visibility in live production environments. This out-of-the-box hardware and software system for monitoring test and assembly processes is designed to integrate seamlessly into production lines, delivering commonality across the line, and providing immediate pass-fail status on the production floor.

Sciemetric’s platform is driven by signature analysis technology, determining in real time any deviation from the manufacturing process’ correct waveform, thereby detecting defects as they occur. This process signature verification facilitates detailed insight into process behavior by measuring and analyzing the physical characteristics of processes applied during manufacturing.

The introductory price of $2,995 is comparable to single test systems offered by competitors, but sigPOD 1302 includes both hardware and configurable software that enables users to program any of a variety of test applications. It also presents an affordable way for manufacturers contemplating the implementation of more extensive quality systems to ease into incorporating process-monitoring tools across their lines.

“Most manufacturers I’ve talked to tell me that sigPOD is the best press and process monitoring system available on the market,” says Nathan Sheaff, CEO of Sciemetric Instruments. “But many of them also told me they could not afford to implement our technology. With the new 1302 sigPOD, we’re able to offer the best product for the lowest cost, two things you don’t usually get at the same time. Now everyone can afford the best scientific monitoring tool and can reap the benefits and cost savings that sigPOD offers.”

The sigPOD family is scalable from two to 24 channels, and is built upon a common hardware platform and software interface to provide a unified user interface throughout the product line. sigPOD also acts as the conduit to transfer all the collected information into QualityWorX, Sciemetric’s analytics software, for advanced analysis. QualityWorX provides full visibility into manufacturing processes, capturing test data and enabling thorough analysis of the entire process.

About Sciemetric Instruments

Since 1981, Sciemetric’s process-monitoring and quality-management systems and software have enabled some of the world’s largest automotive, medical and industrial manufacturers to gain visibility into, and control over, their manufacturing processes. On the production floor, process signature verification (PSV) technology provides the most accurate determination of process health and part quality while collecting all data. Manufacturing managers use Sciemetric’s analytic tools to transform the data into actionable information to reduce costs, manage quality and maximize yield while providing proof of process compliance and complete line-wide traceability.