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Sciemetric makes it easier than ever to break down data silos across the factory floor

Sciemetric Instruments – a pioneer of Industry 4.0 smart technologies used by global companies to increase yield, improve quality, and optimize processes – has released a new application to collect and integrate data from the plant floor for continuous improvement of the production line. 

The QualityWorX Flex Gateway simplifies the collection of production data from virtually any device or process or test station into Sciemetric’s QualityWorX database. 

This includes data file types from PLCs, in-process test systems, rundown tools, end-of-line test systems, other data acquisition systems, and third-party or custom databases. The Flex Gateway’s powerful parsing engine can ingest .txt, .csv, .ini, .xml, .JSON, .HTML, and binary files.

With QualityWorX, data is stored by serial number and organized in a tree structure that mimics the line, and made available for analysis with Sciemetric’s data analytics tools. Data collected by the QualityWorX Flex Gateway is integrated with other test stations on the manufacturing line for insights that improve product quality, increase efficiency, and enable in-depth root cause analysis.

The Industry 4.0 answer for legacy and home grown systems

This makes the Flex Gateway a flexible and cost-effective option for manufacturers with production lines that rely on legacy equipment or home-grown systems. By deploying the Flex Gateway to simplify data collection and enable deeper insights with Sciemetric’s analytics tools, manufacturers may in fact derive greater return on existing investments in their legacy systems.

“To realize the benefits of Industry 4.0 – true insight that is timely and actionable – data from across the plant floor must be easier to access,” said David Mannila, Sciemetric Product Manager. “The Flex Gateway addresses the complex challenge of integrating data from sources that were not designed to communicate with each other, without any costly rip and replace of existing systems.”

In addition, the Flex Gateway delivers a new level of data reliability and security in an Industry 4.0 environment:

  • Data sources are authenticated
  • Data received by the gateway is buffered in the event of network or server outage
  • Data with formatting errors are quarantined for future triage
  • All network communications are encrypted

Read the QualityWorX Flex Gateway datasheet to learn more.