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8 ways we can help you improve your leak test

Contributed by: Sciemetric Staff

Together with our partners Cincinnati Test Systems and CTS-Schreiner, we have the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio for manufacturers, with solutions for leak test and other in-process tests on the production line. Our portfolio also combines the power to collect, store and analyze data from these processes with our QualityWorX data intelligence suite for better defect detection, traceability and continuous improvement. 

Below, learn about the successes we’ve helped our customers achieve—and how we can help you achieve the same success on your production lines!

Achieved faster cycle times 

With the most comprehensive leak test lineup in the industry, we provide you with solutions to pinpoint accuracy with remarkable fill and stabilization times, enabling manufacturers to reliably find leaks faster. Our customers have experienced great results; 5 minutes to under 2, from 12 seconds down to 4, from 16.3 seconds to 4.5.

Reduced bottlenecks at the leak test station

When leak test hits a bottleneck, why add more stations if you can optimize the existing ones? With the speed, accuracy and flexibility the leak test stations in our portfolio, we have a proven track record of success in reducing the number of test stations required on the production line, eliminated the need for capital investment in new ones.

Reduced the number of leak test stations required, while bringing leak test in-line 

One components manufacturer actually increased throughput after reducing 8 off-line leak testers to 4 in-line. In another example, an off-highway parts assembly plant avoided buying a $300,000+ leak test station by simply implementing the 3520 Series on their existing stations.

Reduced the number of operators required

Personnel costs are a huge consideration for virtually every operation. With leak testing equipment that provides better reliability and enables 100% in-line leak testing with fewer operators, we enable our customers to significantly reduce personnel costs. In one case, our solutions enabled a manufacturer to eliminate four staff positions at one leak test area on the production line.

Maximized the space on the shop floor

Manufacturing space is at a premium and making optimal use of the plant floor is an important consideration. With powerful, compact solutions, and custom solutions built to meet your needs, our customers have been able to replace large pneumatic setups, freeing up much-needed floor space.

Reduced overall costs associated with leak test 

Cost reduction and management is on the mind of every manufacturer. Not only are our customers cutting costs in obvious areas such as scrap, quarantine and warranty fulfillment, but they've also reduced workforce requirements, avoided capital expenses for new leak test stations, and reduced annual operational costs for existing ones.

With improved reliability and repeatability in leak test, and visual, data-driven insight into failures using Sciemetric’s manufacturing analytics software, reducing false positives and the number of assembled parts scrapped, greatly reducing overall production costs.

Reduced repair costs and warranty claims by improving leak test detection and accuracy

Catching problems before they leave the line and pre-empting warranty claims are important goals for many plants. In one example, an automotive OEM, was plagued by defects making it to the field because their leak tester could not find leaks associated with a particular failure. Using our portfolio, they were able to identify the defect reliably and the resulting data clearly showed the repeatable signatures (i.e. waveform characteristics) of the bad parts.

Achieved an average return on investment within 4-6 months

Time and time again, our customers report impressive return on investment after we’ve optimized their manufacturing production lines. Within a few weeks of installing their new Sciemetric equipment, one large powertrain manufacturer found a defect their previous leak tester would have missed. The problem was caught before final assembly and a high potential warranty cost was avoided. With just this first defect found, the customer told us the system had already "paid for itself" and they've now standardized on the 3520 Series.

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