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Leak Test

Sciemetric data analytics tools enabled engine manufacturer to link EOL failure to cracked check valves—see how!

Contributed by: Sciemetric Staff
September 9, 2021
Sciemetric Studio data analytics screens on blue background

An engine manufacturer was having end of line (EOL) engine function test failures and couldn’t figure out why. Sciemetric systems enabled analysis that pinpointed the problem, and informed new feature checks to catch these problems in the future. See how this could be applied to your line!

Go beyond station checks to improve product quality and line efficiency: The value of process monitoring and data analytics

Contributed by: Shankar Krishnamurthy - General Manager, Sciemetric
November 30, 2020
Shankar, author, looking at data on the plant floor

When manufacturers consider the concept of quality control on their production lines, they often think that a quality check station is enough. But what happens when a part fails the test? This blog post discusses how to improve product quality and line efficiency by going beyond station checks.

5 ways to improve your production line in 2020

Contributed by: Sciemetric Staff
December 19, 2019
Team at manufacturing line

Here are 5 tips to help improve your production line in 2020. We want to help manufacturers identify their problem points on the line and identify ways modern manufacturing technologies can be applied to start seeing improvements in the short-term—without a massive overhaul. 

Battery pack leak test: The challenges of getting an honest result

Contributed by: Rob Plumridge
September 10, 2019
EV battery pack

A variety of factors make it difficult to simulate the exact leak conditions battery packs will experience in the field, but there are strategies to achieve an effective battery pack leak test. Here are two of the key challenges you are likely to encounter with battery pack leak testing and strategies to overcome them.

How to catch faulty fuel rail insertion with digital process signature analysis

Contributed by: Sciemetric Staff
July 25, 2019

Tearing down an engine to find a problem when it fails an end-of-line test is costly and time-consuming. It’s much better to identify a quality issue upstream on the production line where it occurs. Learn how an automaker used digital process signatures to adjust their fuel rail insertion parameters to catch faulty insertions before they reach the end of the line.

Factors in identifying proper test pressure for your leak test

Contributed by: Rob Plumridge
April 10, 2019

A chief goal when it comes to optimizing any leak test is to ensure if the cycle time of the test can keep up with the pace of production. One factor in optimizing the test so that it can cycle as many parts as quickly as possible with an acceptable range of repeatability and reliability is test pressure. Consider the following factors when identifying proper test pressure for your leak test. 

Data visualization and analysis provides double-digit gains in leak test cycle time and FTT

Contributed by: Sciemetric Staff
November 8, 2018

Many manufacturers face the costly problem of a lagging leak test cycle time. With constant pressures on production, line managers have no choice but to run parallel test stations to maintain production quotas. More often than not, the answer is simple—use your leak test data. Here’s how one customer did it.