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The metric that could save you millions in manufacturing costs: The ROI of improving first time yield

Contributed by: Sciemetric Staff
August 13, 2020
Two men in discussion on production line floor

In this post, we discuss the ROI investing in the improvement of your FTY results—including a case study which describes how we helped one manufacturer achieve over 3 million dollars in savings in one year by improving their FTY, decreasing their scrap and rework costs.

Optimize manufacturing test cycle times using digital process signatures

Contributed by: Sciemetric Staff
June 17, 2020
Two engineers reviewing data at the production line

Stations with lengthy test cycle times bottleneck production. Before resorting to adding extra lines, maintenance or labor, consider if the test cycle time can be shortened without compromising quality. This blog post discusses how to perform this analysis using digital process signatures.

Set more effective control limits on production tests using digital process signatures

Contributed by: Sciemetric Staff
June 11, 2020
Image of Sciemetric Studio software with limit-setting data

Optimizing limits on your manufacturing test processes eliminates false failures and reduces the risk of giving bad parts a passing grade. This blog post discusses how to use digital process signatures to set more effective limits, more quickly, to produce higher quality parts, lower scrap/rework rates, and experience fewer recalls or warranty claims.

How the network edge can help your plant or industrial operation optimize cloud resources

Contributed by: Richard Brine - CTO
April 30, 2020
industrial data image

Many manufacturing and industrial facilities have chosen to recruit capacity from a public cloud service provider to help them manage their data. However, while the cloud is a relatively cost effective, simple to manage, and scalable solution to suit your needs, it can also create some other challenges. Learn more.