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Sciemetric expands operations to India

Indian automotive manufacturers placing early orders for lower-cost sigPOD 1302

October 13, 2010 – Ottawa, Canada – With offices and support services in Canada, the US and the UK already well established, Sciemetric Instruments ( has strengthened its commitment to supporting its Asia Pacific customers with the opening of Sciemetric Technologies Private India Ltd. Operations will be based out of Pune a major manufacturing hub in the region.

Because the Asia Pacific region hosts many manufacturing facilities in a broad range of industries, Sciemetric’s process monitoring and quality management systems, available in customizable configurations and at various price points, will help companies located there to improve their quality and manufacturing processes. Early orders for the lower-cost test platform sigPOD 1302 show that in India’s highly competitive and cost-conscious market, Sciemetric’s products meet both the high standards and price considerations of the top automotive manufacturers.

sigPOD is a robust, flexible platform designed for usability and visibility in live production environments. This out-of-the-box hardware and software system for monitoring test and assembly processes is designed to integrate seamlessly into production lines, delivering commonality across the line, and providing immediate pass-fail status on the production floor. sigPOD is easy to configure, saves time by increasing the efficiency of manufacturing processes and displays detailed results of manufacturing processes in real time.

sigPOD also acts as the conduit to transfer all the collected information into QualityWorX, Sciemetric’s analytics software, for advanced analysis. QualityWorX provides full visibility into manufacturing processes, capturing test data and enabling thorough analysis of the entire process.

“Sciemetric’s customers are manufacturers that compete in a global marketplace and our goal is to provide them with affordable quality improvement and process monitoring systems to effectively do just that,” said Nathan Sheaff, CEO and founder of Sciemetric. “It was in part with the price-conscious Asia Pacific market in mind that we developed our lower cost, two-channel process monitor, the sigPOD 1302. Early orders from the region show that we’re providing the right system at the right price in order to be successful in this market.”

The company’s expansion into India enhances application-engineering support for the region, with several application engineers on-site to offer technical services and plans to bring in software engineers in the coming months.

About Sciemetric Instruments
Since 1981, Sciemetric’s process monitoring and quality management systems and software have enabled some of the world’s leading automotive, medical and industrial manufacturers to gain visibility into and control over their manufacturing processes. On the production floor, Process Signature Verification (PSV) technology provides the most accurate determination of process health and part quality while collecting all data. Manufacturing managers use Sciemetric’s analytic tools to transform the data into actionable information to reduce costs, manage quality, and maximize yield while providing proof of process compliance and complete line-wide traceability. Visit for more information.

Hindi version of this press release is available here.