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Sciemetric introduces 24 channel sigPOD

Expandable, in-process testing sigPOD module from Sciemetric decreases costs, increases testing capacity

October 22, 2009 - Ottawa, Canada - Sciemetric Instruments, whose technology has been used for over 15 years by some of the world's largest manufacturers to improve quality and their manufacturing processes, today announced the expansion of its modular sigPOD hardware platform to support up to 24 analog channels and six encoder input channels.

sigPOD is a robust, flexible platform designed for usability and visibiltiy in live production environments.  This out-of-the-box hardware and software system for monitoring test and assembly processes is designed to integrate seamlessly into production lines, delivering commonality across the line.  sigPOD is easy to configure, saves time by increasing efficiency of manufacturing processes and displays detailed results of manufacturing processes in real time.

Sciemetric has developed an eight-channel expansion module, Model 1608, which can be connected to any of the company's sigPOD systems to expand it in eight-channel increments to a maximum of 24 channels.

"In today's dynamic economy, manufacturers cannot afford to conduct expensive recalls," said Nathan Sheaff, CEO of Sciemetric Instruments.  "By adopting in-process testing, companies can find problems early and before they cost money and fix processes so that they are running at maximum efficiency.

"That sigPOD is now expandable with the Model 1608 module means that companies that have more intensive monitoring requirements gain additional capacity as now they can run applications that require higher channel counts, from complex applications such as end line functional testing in automotive to heat fusing of critical but high volume medical devices."

Sciemetric offers a full range of sigPOD instrumentation products that are used to verify and control a variety of standard manufacturing operations such as assembly-press monitoring, leak testing, vibration analysis and functional testing.  The flexible system can be configured to qualify virtually any manufacturing process.

The sigPOD platform is driven by Sciemetric's process signature verification (PSV) software, which enables detailed insight into process behaviour by measuring and analyzing the physical characteristics of processes applied during manufacturing using a scientific approach based on electronic signature analysis.  Understanding the physical behaviour of machines and assembly processes in real time allows companies to analyze manufacturing defects at the source improving quality, increasing productivity and decreasing costs.  PSV dramatically improves monitoring sensitivity and defect detection capability over conventional methods.

"Incorporating risk management using process signature technology helps companies in industries like medical-device manufacturing meet tough regulatory requirements," said Sheaff.

Not only does sigPOD provide immediate pass-fail status on the production floor, it also acts as the conduit to transfer all the collected information into QualityWorX, Sciemetric's analytics software, for advanced analysis.  QualityWorX provides full visibility into manufacturing processes, capturing test data and enabling thorough analysis of the entire process.

About Sciemetric Instruments
Sciemetric Instruments is a software and systems technology company that develops and markets quality monitoring and management tools that allow companies to gain full visibility into and control over manufacturing processes.  The company's sigPOD platform uses proprietary Process Signature Verification, or PSV, technology, which provides unprecedented visibility into manufacturing production by measuring and analyzing the physical characteristics of processes applied during manufacturing using a scientific approach based on electronic signature analysis.  The company's comprehensive quality solution, and QualityWorX analytics software, enables manufacturers to reduce costs, manage quality, maximize yield and improve traceability.  Sciemetric customers - some of the world's largest automotive, industrial and medical manufacturers - rely on Sciemetric products and technology to increase competitiveness, manage regulatory compliance and avoid costly recalls.  Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, the company has its North American sales office in the U.S. and European offices in the U.K., and a subsidiary in India.  For more information, please visit