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Sciemetric releases PSV 4.0 configurable software for sigPOD

New version provides greater performance and flexibility for manufacturing tests

Ottawa, Canada – Sciemetric Instruments, a specialist in developing signature analysis-based systems for manufacturing test and process monitoring applications, today released PSV 4.0, the latest version of the configurable test software for the sigPOD universal test platform. The release adds a number of features that improve the performance and expand the flexibility of test and monitoring applications performed by the sigPOD.

A challenge in deploying a test or monitoring solution for a manufacturing line is developing a test setup that matches specific requirements. Off-the-shelf solutions often do not offer the required flexibility or functionality and the user is faced with having to create a complete hardware and software setup from scratch. Sciemetric’s PSV process signature verification software allows a manufacturing or process engineer to quickly create a solution tailored to the application using a sigPOD system without any coding or programming.

PSV 4.0 provides a range of new capabilities to further expand the flexibility of the sigPOD system for real-time quality and production monitoring:

  • The new flexible framework enables even faster cycle times while providing greater flexibility to accommodate different applications. Users can dynamically create up to 15 operations and 15 waveforms, making a total of 100 features and/or processes possible across all operations.

  • The auto trigger allows data collection to be initiated based on the state of an input signal, such as an analog or encoder channel, eliminating the need for handshaking when there is no PLC.

  • Users can now remotely enable or disable the first eight operations via EtherNet/IP or PROFINET. In addition, the individual results status bits for the first eight operations have been added to the EtherNet/IP and PROFINET interfaces.

  • The software now supports the sigPOD 1618 eight-channel encoder module.

  • The CSV results output, available via serial port, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET or local file, can be configured by the user to include or exclude parameters such as limits or model type.

  • The new swap x & y process allows users to temporarily swap the x and y values of a waveform to allow processing of what were originally x-axis values. (Processes can only be applied to y-axis values.)

  • The new fit window feature checks if the rising or falling edge of a waveform passes through the top and/or bottom edges of a configurable virtual window. Commonly used in press-fit monitoring, different criteria can be applied such as Enter, Exit, Enter and Exit once, or Don’t Cross to determine if the feature passes or fails.

Built on advanced and proprietary signature analysis technology, PSV provides the most accurate and insightful defect detection and process monitoring available. It can be used across the production line to monitor quality and production for manufacturing operations such as press-fit monitoring, torque-to-turn, resistance welding, noise and vibration, thermal package sealing, fluid dispensing and functional testing.

sigPOD units are now being shipped with PSV 4.0. Upgrades to PSV 4.0 are available with a Sciemetric maintenance program. 

For more information on sigPOD PSV, download the datasheet.

About Sciemetric Instruments 
Since 1981, Sciemetric’s process monitoring and quality management systems and software have enabled some of the world’s leading automotive, medical and industrial manufacturers to gain visibility into and control over their manufacturing processes. On the production floor, Process Signature Verification (PSV) technology provides the most accurate determination of process health and part quality while collecting all data. Manufacturing managers use Sciemetric’s analytic tools to transform the data into actionable information to reduce costs, manage quality, and maximize yield while providing proof of process compliance and complete line-wide traceability. Visit for more information.